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Weight Loss

Weight loss programs and products! #1 Anti-Aging has a kinder, gentler approach to weight loss programs, anti-aging products, weight loss products and anti-aging supplements with exciting results!

Our weight loss products and programs are safe and effective. One of our products is called Thermolift with chromium picolinate, which helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels, thereby curbing one's appetite significantly for sweets. Our weight loss programs are combined with anti-aging products and supplements, simple Patriot Power Greens (more - Patriot Power Greens). Our combination of herbs gives your body extra energy by speeding the metabolism rate, resulting in feeling more in control, especially during stressful situations. We also offer the NOW system, which is a fat binder and helps to eliminate the fat you eat rather than store it. This is accomplished through reasonable exercise and eating habits. Most people can lose a significant amount of weight without stressful dieting. One satisfied customer reports having lost 150 pounds! Browse through our site to view our wide selection of health products. At #1 Anti-Aging we offer a kinder, gentler approach to weight loss programs, so let us help you with our weight loss products, anti-aging supplements and anti-aging products.

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